Industry-Store are making deliverys  with TNT / FEDEX from Bucharest - Romania in the next countries:


-- Hungary, Bulgaria

- starting with  11  Euro  


 -- Austria, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece

  - starting with  15  Euro  

--Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Ireland

starting with  17  Euro 


-- United Kingdom

-  starting with  26  Euro

-- Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

-  starting with  26  Euro  


-- Andorra, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey

-  starting with  38  Euro  


-- Malta

-  starting with  27  Euro


-- Canada, United States

-  starting with  55  Euro


-- , Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Iceland, Republica Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia

-  starting with  46.5  Euro


-- China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

-  starting with  52  Euro

-- Australia, Egypt, Israel

- starting with 48 Euro



- For countries outside the European Union, customs fees may be applied at destination. These fees are supported by the BUYER

- The cost are starting from the boxes < 0.5 kgs


**If you have contract with one of international company of transport with better prices or conditions for you, please contact us to inform, and we'll change the conditions of transport - you'll pay only the goods and will can arrange the transport by your side

***If you are from outside from European Union and you want to buy from us, please send us email

****If you want to check the availability of one products on any information you need regarding products, transport, etc. , please send email and you'll received our reply in maximum 4 hours